July 28, 2015 Published by

“Little Miracles… what can we say… first, it isn’t little, unless you are talking about the actual physical size of this incredible miracles that WILL happen.

Through our searches, we found Little Miracles & CSO little more than 3 years ago, we got all the information, and then we went to sleep on it.

When we woke up from our three-years-long nap, we finally took our step. About 2 weeks after sending in our profiles, our journey resumes with Little Miracles and CSO at full speed – they found us our donor. It was everything we could have hoped for, and then some.

Then what happened? Well… everything. Robyn is an angel, she took care of everything and smoothed out the wrinkles or bumps or may be even pot holes, not that we noticed any. But that’s the whole point here right ? We came this far, we placed our faith and trust in Little Miracles, and they took care of everything. It’s a comfort to know that we are not alone in this journey. It’s a comfort to know someone who has been through it all and is here for you all the time.

As I type, we have 16 beautiful little rocking embryos safely tucked away, waiting for transfer next month. Actually, if you are into numbers… we had 22 eggs, 20 were fertilized, and then there were 16.

Our journey is not finished, but whatever the outcome is, this beginning is nothing short of a miracle.”