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Welcome to Little Miracles

We are Canada’s Only Consultation Program, offering Egg Donations as an alternative to build your family. We invite you to take a look through this website to answer any questions you may have about using third party reproduction to grow your family or in making a donation to a loving family. You will find all the information you need to know before making the decision to embark on this incredible journey. When you are confident that this is the process right for you, or if you have any questions at all, please contact Little Miracle and one of our coordinators will be in touch.

Our Team Message From The President

Latest Success Stories - view all

“I always think of you with a smile but on Ava’s birthday I have to tell you that I am so grateful and could never thank you enough for bringing this beautiful light to our life:)

She makes us laugh (and sometimes cry haha) every day with her amazing personality and character. I know things happen for a reason and I would never change anything because we have our Ava:) THANK YOU for giving us this priceless gift!”

July 2012

“I’m sure every Parent believes that their child Is exceptional… In a manner of speaking they are correct, all children are a blessing. My Daughter is someone that fell from heaven. She has an Incredible disposition! Everyone comments on her joyful and happy demeanor. From my Doctor and his staff to friends and Family… none can get over how lovely she Is. Apparently I am doing better than 90% of first time Mothers as a single Dad (according to my Doctor) and my child Is flourishing!
I`ve never been so completely In love and its has been a wonderful experience getting to know my little Angel. She brings me joy every morning that she awakes with gentle prompts to get Daddy started and a smile to greet me every morning! From the bottom of my heart and soul I thank you and your office for making exceptional efforts to assist people like myself fulfill life time dreams. I am looking forward to encouraging my Daughter to be the empathetic, moral and kind hearted Individual that I believe that I see staring back at me everyday.

God Bless you and Thank you.”

March 2012

“We feel so lucky to have found Little Miracles. After several years of frustration and heartache with agencies and specialists, we were feeling alone and utterly gutted. We wanted what we thought should come naturally to a young couple like us, we wanted to start a family. But that was a long and difficult journey which finally turned around when we were introduced to Robyn at Little Miracles.

Robyn treated us with care, compassion and urgency. We emailed and phoned Robyn with every question possible about egg donation. We wanted to hear what was considered “normal” and how we compared to other couples. Really, we wanted to know everything about our upcoming journey and all the stats that came along with it. Robyn’s speedy and intelligent responses based on fact and experience were of huge comfort to us.

We now have a 4 month old girl who is perfect. Really, she’s perfect! We wouldn’t have her without Little Miracles.

Thank you for all your help!”

E and B October 2011

Many thanks to Robyn and Little-Miracles,

Five years ago I decided that I wanted to give back, I decided that it was time to donate eggs and give a couple the gift of a baby. I spent months searching online and then meet Robyn, and that was where my journey began. Robyn held my hand and walked me through the process, while listening and reassuring my every concern. The process was so smooth and enjoyable, there was never a concern or anything that came up that robyn hadn’t already prepared for. She was at the clinic to meet me and make sure I didn’t have any questions or concern. Then the day of retrieval came, my emotions where high and it meant the world to know that Robyn was waiting for me, not only was she there as support, but also with a care package. She was wonderful.

Although I must admit just like the old saying you don’t know what you have until you loose it, I didn’t realize just how amazing it was working with her until I decided to go independently. That was the biggest mistake of my life, all of the sudden all of the background work that Robyn just did was now my responsibility. Without the expertise of Robyn I failed miserable, I didn’t realize the expenses that were out of my pocket, and how IP’s may not pay for such expenses, not to mention the stress of trying to line up appointments, lawyers, screening, among other things. I have since learnt from my mistakes and have signed back on with Little-Miracles for another donation and really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Once again I need to say a HUGE thank-you, I couldn’t imagine doing a donation without Robyn by my side.”


“We cannot possibly thank Robyn Price enough for her support, caring and understanding. We deeply express our gratitude to this wonderful woman. 

This past year she was with us every step of the way with her patience, encouragement and understanding. She is very thorough in explaining the process. Robyn’s role as Donor Coordinator was instrumental in helping us reach our precious goal of bearing children.

Robyn helped me personally rebuild my confidence and gave me great peace and hope in having the opportunity to become a mother.

Robyn was able to assist us in picking our perfect donor. She was incredible at explaining the process and promptly answering any of our questions along the way. We found her very personable and extremely easy to communicate with.

Robyn made us feel like we just weren’t just making a ‘purchase’. She helped us build our new family!”


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