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Dear Potential Donor,

Thank you for considering giving such an amazing gift to someone. It is our pleasure to share this journey with you, as a supportive and caring part of the Little Miracles CSO Family team.

We believe that through knowledge, and a firm belief in this process, you will help build a family through your amazing gift. We hope to be able to share what we know as a past donor with you, in an attempt to have this journey be as smooth a process as possible.

If you feel like this is something you would like to pursue, please carefully read through the information on your website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. When you are confident you are ready to make this most generous gift, please fill out and submit our online questionnaire. The answers you submit will be stored in our database that is available to intended recipients to peruse when looking for their donor.

As of today, we currently have over 300 Recipients looking for their Angel donor to help them achieve their dream of having a family.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss any questions you may have with the selection process. Our goal is to share this journey with you. We believe that through a trusting, and caring commitment to our donors, you can help build a family


Robyn Price, Managing Partner

Donor Reviews

“I have worked with Little Miracles through five donations and they have always been very responsive, accommodating and thorough when explaining every detail of the donation process! I always felt everything was expertly organized, the entire process was stress and worry-free, they are always an email or phone call away for any and all questions I have! I especially loved working with Melissa, she is a star and you are well taken care of, as a donor, under her angelic wings” ~Fabienne

“I’ve been with Little Miracles for almost 6 years now and I would never change agencies. Melissa has been my go to person, she’s always there for me when I need it. She goes above and beyond for all of us and has really just been an amazing big sister when it comes to egg donations. I can always count on her for advice or information. There’s some people you just know we’re meant for their jobs, and that’s her.” ~Kassandra

“I have been working with Little Miracles for 2 years and it has been amazing. Every step of the way Melissa (Director of Egg Donation Services) has helped me prepare for every donation and made sure I was always comfortable. To anyone thinking of becoming a donor or a recipient I would highly recommend.” ~Dani

“I’ve had the honour of doing 5 donations with Little Miracles and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! They make every process so easy and smooth. Melissa is an absolute dream to deal with, she is so friendly, helpful and always looking out for my best interest. I’d recommend Melissa/Little Miracles to anybody looking to donate!” ~Hailey

“I’ve been a donor 3 times now through Little Miracles and every single time its been an absolute pleasure. Being given to opportunity to help people in such an intimate way is such an incredible experience. It can be daunting at times but having someone like Melissa, who is ALWAYS there to help definitely  makes things a lot easier. Melissa is always very prompt, friendly, helpful, supportive, and kind in all her responses anytime I’ve had a question or concern. I could not recommend Little Miracles more! I’m eternally grateful that I was given this opportunity. ~S.D.”

“Over the past 2 years I have donated many times through Little Miracles. Melissa helped me start my journey on the right foot, by making sure I was educated about the process. She has been a wonderful guide and has offered plenty of encouragement. Helping a family grow has been rewarding, and the support given through the fertility clinic and this agency has made it a seamless experience. I’ve always felt safe and confident, and have recommended this agency to many friends. ~Jac.”

“When I started to think about egg donation and helping families, I didn’t really know where to start and what to expect. When I reached out to Little Miracles they were extremely supportive and explained everything to me in terms I could understand. The profile creation was nerve racking but a great experience! I was able to express a lot of my personality and family history in a simple and easy to read way to try and showcase my life experience and medical history to intended parents. The Facebook support group has been especially supportive and helpful. There are a lot of open conversations about experiences throughout the donation process and the celebration of each other in our journeys. Whether we’re at the very start or whether we have advice from people who have donated more than once. It was a great way to feel supported by people going through the same, sometimes emotional, journey as you. Melissa and the team have also been incredibly helpful and kind throughout the entire process and helped answer any questions I had. The aftercare support and check ins are also incredible. You certainly don’t feel cast aside once you’ve gone through the donation cycle! I am still a part of the Facebook group despite not having donated in 3+ years to help support those who are going through the process. I still feel like I am a part of the Little Miracles family. The team truly cares about making the experience a positive one and helping donors and intended parents alike. I am so proud to have been a part of this process and I cannot recommend Little Miracles enough to anyone thinking about starting their journey in egg donation! ❤ ~T.K.”

“Melissa has been nothing but wonderful. She’s supportive, understanding and very informative. I love Little Miracles (and yes I have experience donating with other agencies) and Little Miracles is by far my favourite. Little Miracles is an incredible establishment to donate through because they foster a laid back and non-judgmental environment which is comforting. ~Helen W.”

“When learning about the possibility of being an egg donor I felt such a calling to see if I could help. Right away when speaking with Little Miracles I felt such a warm welcome by everyone. They really are angels on earth. I had questions and a few concerns and both Little Miracles and the doctors I dealt with were all so kind and knowledgeable and the overwhelming feeling of hope and happiness is so infectious through the whole process. I felt so much happiness for the recipient families knowing they were able to grow their families. Now, years later and having my own two kids, I know what I did brought joy &; love into the world. There is no better feeling! ~ Billy”

“Becoming an egg donor was a very big decision and who I decided to donate through was a definitely a huge decision. After speaking with Melissa at Little Miracles during our initial consult, she was clear, thorough and considerate of all my questions and concerns about the process and procedure.

We went over the step by step process of what to expect and once I was secured for a journey, Melissa made sure I was supported the entire way through. Any questions, concerns were always answered or made a priority to answer. Communication was always above and beyond my expectation of an agency. I could not be more grateful for the wonderful donor experience I had, and I attribute that to Little Miracles.~ Taylor S.”

“Little miracles is a breeze to work with. I have done multiple egg donation cycles with them, and their communication and guidance through the process is always fantastic. Melissa is a ray of sunshine who always makes you feel super comfortable. I definitely recommend working with this agency – I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Little Miracles.~S.”

“I choose Little Miracles at first because a friend of mine had a great experience with them!
When I started my own journey, Melissa was very informative and answered every question I had right away!
I have completed 2 egg donations and will continue with Little Miracles as they are very supportive and easy to talk to! Id recommend them to anyone!! ~R.W.“

“Little Miracles is literally the best! Melissa and her team are sooooo quick to respond to any questions you have and helps give all the information you need asap as well. They give such a warm personality that makes you feel comfortable which makes the process so much more easier. I extremely appreciate Melissa’s presence during my donation process and would definitely love to have her again as my coordinator! Thanks a lot Melissa and Little Miracles for such an awesome & smooth egg retrieval process. ~ Felicia.”

“What was your experience like working with myself and Little Miracles? My experience has been absolutely amazing! Melissa is always there to answer any questions or concerns I have and always makes sure I have all the information I need. You can truly feel how much Melissa and Little Miracles care about you! I couldn’t recommend them more ❤ !!!
Why did you continue to come back to Little Miracles for your journeys? Because you can feel about how they care about you and I feel like that is super important! They give you all the information you need and make sure you are feeling okay with everything 🙂 ! ~ Rebecca T.”


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