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Thank you, again, for taking the time to view our website and our Process!

We have recently changed our procedure to include all initial testing and psychological testing of all of our active donors.

This will mean that all of our donors Genetic Testing, AMH, Infectious Diseases, Glucose, Creatine, Rubella, CBC, Antibody screening will be completed. We will also have her Blood Type and a Blood screening will be completed.

It will also mean that she has seen a Social Worker for her Implications Counselling and understands the complete procedure involved with such a big decision.

When you are ready to view donor profiles, we ask that you register. From there, we will activate your registration. You will be able to log in and view all potential donor profiles after the activation.

Once you select a donor, we will send you a Statement of Funds. This will include any and all expenses needed to move forward with your donor. We are able to customize this based on your donor, her location and your clinic requirements. Only our Agency fee will be due at this time in order to secure this donor for you. We will also send you our Agreement Of Services to read through and sign back.

When the above has been returned, then we’re on to the fun part! We will create a Referral to send to your clinic. Depending on your clinic and its requirements will determine how we move forward.

Your clinic will book a screening appointment with your donor and a consultation with you to move forward.

At the screening appointment for the donor, your doctor will assess the donor by way of additional blood work, an ultrasound, a physical and then a meeting with her.

If you select a donor that does not live within 4 hours of your fertility clinic, they may be additional charges that you should be aware of. Please see here for more information.

Please note: if your doctor determines that the candidate you selected is not a good candidate for you to move forward with, we will transfer our Administrative fee to a donor of your choice. Unfortunately, any testing fees or expenses incurred by the donor will not be refundable.


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We are also pleased to let you know about our Surrogate Consulting Division: Canadian Surrogacy Options.