“Little Miracles was nothing short of amazing”

September 6, 2023 Published by

Our experience with Little Miracles was nothing short of amazing. After going through many years of infertility, failed IVF treatments, and heartbreak, we found ourselves exhausted and quietly dreading the egg donation process. We had been told that it would be a complex and emotionally fraught journey, and were prepared for the worst.

To our surprise, our journey was smooth and even inspiring, in large part due to the support and clear guidance we received from Little Miracles. Director Melissa Dos Santos advised us through every stage of the donor selection process, and was a compassionate and enthusiastic presence throughout. Her knowledge (informed by her own personal experiences) and her caring disposition created a trusting environment for us to ask questions, clarify issues, and release unwarranted anxieties. We felt we had all the information we needed to make an informed choice. Once we selected our donor, Little Miracles communicated diligently with both us and our donor to ease us through the remainder of the process. We felt supported at every step of the way, and increasingly assured that we had made the best choice.

After a successful egg retrieval, resulting in a series of highly and unusually positive updates (something we had little experience with in our own retrievals!), we are now looking forward to multiple chances at a successful embryo transfer. Our generous donor has given us a tremendous amount of hope, and we have Little Miracles to thank for making this happen!

With gratitude,

Alexa and Kevin