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July 17, 2023 Published by

Congratulations on considering Little Miracles for your journey! If you are reading reviews you must be looking….and I plan to tell you my experience, beginning November 2022 and just wrapping up June 2023. This will illustrate perfectly why this is the agency you want going forward.

An agency is just a name really, it is the people that make it what it is. Melissa is that shining star for us. We have not had a pregnancy yet so this is not just us experiencing the positive after glow of achieving our dreams. This is based solely on my experiences.

I signed up with two other agencies November 22’. Without going into details, I can tell you I was put off of egg donation. I told my husband that it really seemed like a racket. I went from trusting to completely sceptical and suspicious. Then I found Melissa.

I reached out to Melissa and explained to her what happened and that we had lost several thousand and also valuable time. I asked if she could get in touch with the lovely donor we had found on the LM site to confirm various details and issues BEFORE signing up and paying another agency fee. Melissa was kind, caring and helpful. She told me she was more than happy to set my mind to rest. She worked on our behalf before receiving a cent.

Melissa only ever seemed to care about us and her donors. She is in this for the people she is helping. And help she does!! She was upfront about all costs, how everything works and answered endless questions always happily and cheerfully and empathetically even though I must have driven her crazy. She ALWAYS made time and even though she had lots of clients, I somehow always felt like her only one. Her attention and care was undivided. Melissa answered emails I sent over the Christmas break, when her office was closed. She told me on New Years that this was going to be an amazing year. I will never forget that.

Melissa was able to connect us with a wonderful therapist and the best attorney. All highly experienced in donation. This helps immeasurably. People who can advise and support; professionals to walk you through what can feel overwhelming and nerve wracking at any given moment.

We ended up losing two lovely donors with LM (one for a conflict in genetic testing and another wanted to help couples but her family wasn’t supportive). I decided to give up. I didn’t think I could go through any more as we had also lost donors with the other agencies. I just couldn’t face it and decided it was the end of the road.

I thanked Melissa for everything she had done for us. I told her she was the only highlight in an otherwise dim experience overall.

She supported whatever I wanted to do. She told me that. She also told me if I pick my spirits up and want her to she will find me a unicorn. And she did. A proven donor, who was available, who would work with ReproMed, who already completed Invitae testing with no genetic conflicts. She did it. And she worked hard to do it too.

Our unicorn saved this whole process for us. She was on time for every appointment and both the nurses and Dr. Del Valle commented on her positive attitude and good spirits throughout.

No matter what comes next for us, I know I would never ever be sitting here, at this point, with viable embryos, if it wasn’t for Melissa. Without her no one else, including our amazing donor, would have been able to show up and contribute.

I am grateful and very humbled at the kindness and empathy we were shown and also at the generosity of women. Without the help of these truly selfless women, I would not have the chance at motherhood that I do now.

– Anonymous Recipient