Why Choose Little Miracles?

Thank you for taking the time to request additional information and for considering us as your Egg Donor Consultants.

When put into a position to make life altering decisions, the stress and apprehension can be overwhelming. There are many choices out there in regards to using an alternative path to creating your dreams.

It is our mission at Little Miracles to alleviate the pressures all parties are facing and to help make the experience positive and fulfilling for everyone involved.

We work with Egg Donor’s and Intended Parents from all over North America. We work with Traditional, Gay or Lesbian couples and individuals of all races, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

We are Third Party Reproductive Experts who have a deep passion for assisting others create their dream. We encourage you to browse through the information provided to learn more about our consulting services.

We currently have over 200 donors in our database with about 75 active donor at any given time. As of today, we have just over 100 donors helping soon-to-be families realize their dream of having a child by way of being in a cycle.

Below is a list of our services (some costs are extra) that we provide you,
at any time:

  • Pre-screening and selection of your donor

  • Coordination of all necessary travel arrangements – this will include both for the donor as well as for you as the Intended Parent

  • Organization of legal services for Recipient Parents and Egg Donor with reputable collaborative reproduction attorneys

  • Disbursement of Egg Donor “out of pocket” expenses, as well as other miscellaneous expenses to be paid per contract

Referral of Recipient Parents and Egg Donor to a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in the area of third party reproduction. Little Miracles will arrange meeting for Recipient Parents and Egg Donor (and spouse/partner if applicable) and coordinate all necessary preliminary psychological testing.

  • Locating satellite clinic to monitor Egg Donor (this may be necessary in the event the Recipient Parents’ clinic is not within a reasonable distance from Egg Donor’s residence)

  • Locating a reproductive endocrinologist/infertility clinic that fits the Recipient Parents’ qualifications

  • Coordination of required medical screening for all parties, per reproductive endocrinologist’s specifications

  • Locating mandatory life insurance for Egg Donor (if applicable) plus accidental health insurance for Donors outside of Canada

  • Little Miracles is a liaison service for Recipient Parents and Egg Donors. In order to make certain the journey is gratifying for all parties involved; we will oversee each step of the process in a supportive and proficient manner.

As previous Egg Donors, we understand how much personalized service means.
Not only to the egg donor, but also to the Intended Parents.

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