The Medical Process

The medical procedures leading up to the actual aspiration begins with injections of Lupron, a drug that will suppress your natural menstrual cycle. The Lupron suppression assists in synchronizing your cycle with the Recipient's cycle. Once your cycle has been synchronized, you will begin receiving daily injections of Puregon and Menopur, which stimulate your ovaries.

Ultrasound examinations are then used to evaluate your ovaries' response to the stimulation treatment and blood tests performed to monitor your estradiol level (a hormone measured during a donation cycle to ensure it is within safe limits). Your fertility medication dosage will be adjusted based on these daily test results. When your follicles (the part of the ovary that contains the eggs) are sufficiently mature,
you will receive a single injection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). The timing and administration of this injection is very important. 36 hours after receiving this injection you will undergo the egg retrieval under mild sedation. The sedation typically used will allow you to be conscious throughout the procedure, and to only feel a
slight discomfort.

The procedure for the egg retrieval is preformed in an Operating Room with the Fertility Doctor, usually at the Fertility Clinic. The Fertility Doctor will use an ultrasound probe and needle to extract the eggs. The ultrasound probe is placed through the back of the vagina and the eggs will be removed from the ovaries. This portion usually takes around 20 minutes. The eggs will be taken to the laboratory to be fertilized with the chosen sperm.

You will be able to return home shortly after the procedure, however due to the sedation, you will need a friend to drive you home. If you live more than 2 hours away from the Fertility Clinic, then it will be mandatory for you to stay the night in a hotel after the retrieval.

Most donors feel completely normal by the day after the procedure, but there are some donors who feel discomfort until their next period (approx 10 days).

The average egg donation cycle lasts between 3 to 5 weeks from the beginning of Lupron until the actual aspiration of your eggs. During this process, Little Miracles will procure on your behalf an excess insurance policy underwritten by AIG which should cover you for any medical complications not covered by your own health insurance.

Should distance allow, an Egg Donor Coordinator will be present on the day of retrieval. This is more for ensuring you are well looked after and attended too. Should you be staying in a hotel the night of the retrieval, we will ensure you are tucked in safely to bed and that everything you need is within arms reach. We truly feel that it takes a truly amazing woman to give such a gift of herself. We also feel that Donor’s deserve the utmost care and respect, and we will show that during the course of your donation. All of your out of pocket expenses that you have incurred throughout this journey will be re-reimbursed to you no later than the day of the retrieval.

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