Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of a person becomes an Egg Donor?
A bright and attractive woman between the ages of 20 and 32 years, of any ethnic background, who wants to do this for purely altruistic reasons.

What characteristics in an Egg Donor are most in demand?
Since each journey and Recipient are unique in their own way, we are always looking for all donors. All types of donors are in demand because it takes such a special person to give this of themselves.

Why should I work with Little Miracles instead of a different agency?
While there are many reputable and effective egg donor programs worldwide, no other program can offers its Donors the international marketing and visibility we can. With more than 15 years of background in the field of third party reproduction and the most experienced staff in the world, Little Miracles is uniquely situated to meet the needs of both its Donors and Recipient Couples.

We are the only Egg Donor Coordinators in Canada and we also offer the most care and concern for our donors. One of our egg donor coordinators will (if distance allows) be with you at your retrieval.

What is the chance of a Recipient Couple achieving a pregnancy while using Egg Donation
Generally a Couple has approximately a 75% chance of achieving a pregnancy with the help of a young, healthy Egg Donor.

Why should an Egg Donor work with an agency?
An agency offers a donor protection and guidance. Our staff has been in the field of third party reproduction for over 15 years. We can offer you the benefits of our years of experience. In addition, we offer you access to a large number of recipient couples thereby increasing your chance of being selected. We also guarantee that you will receive your expenses at the end of the cycle, because we collect all fees before you even begin medication. Moreover, we offer you our dedication and a promise to be professional and courteous at all times.

My tubes are tied, can I still be an Egg Donor?
Yes. The aspiration of your eggs occurs before the eggs are released by your body. Therefore it is irrelevant as to whether your tubes are tied or even if you only
have one tube.

What is the time commitment for donors?
A typical time period for a donation involves several doctor appointments over 2-3 months. It takes a few weeks to coordinate and complete psychological and medical screening. Another few weeks are needed to coordinate your menstrual cycle with that of your Recipient Couple. The actual stimulation cycle lasts approximately 10 days. With that being said, please know that each case is unique. In the past, we have had cycles take as few as 6 weeks. In comparison, some cases have taken as long as 5 months as some of our Donors are students and we worked around their school classes and exams.

What characteristics are you looking for in a Donor?
A caring and compassionate person who is bright, attractive (both inside and out), and flexible with her time schedule.

Will I undergo surgery?
No. Your eggs will be retrieved vaginally. This involves the insertion of a flexible catheter through your vagina into your ovaries. The procedure is similar to a pap smear. However, you will be sedated or placed under general anethesia. It is a requirement that someone attend the retrieval with you so they can assist you in returning home. Again, when distance allows, our coordinator will be with you at
the retrieval.

Will I be able to have children after egg donation?
Yes. Your body has hundreds of thousands of eggs. A donor cycle can yield between 5 to 30 eggs. Many Donors donate multiple times and then have children of their own.

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