Being a Donor... What to Expect

We would like to welcome you to Little Miracles, a division of Canadian Surrogacy Options Inc. This information will give you an introduction to the egg donation process. It is extremely important that every potential donor gather as much information as possible to completely understand what egg donation entails. The greatest gift one can offer another is the gift of life. By donating your extra eggs to an infertile couple you will be providing them with an opportunity they would not otherwise have. Thank you for your gift of giving.

Step One
Complete our application. Once you are comfortable with the process, please log into our secure online application. Our application will ask you questions about your ancestral background, family information, medical information, reproductive history, personal reasons for becoming a donor, education, and personality.

Step Two
Little Miracles will enter you into our database. Will send your profile to our team of specialized doctors for approval. Once we receive approval, we will ask you to go in for some initial blood work. Once we receive these results, we will then start the medical screening process. Every clinic has their own procedure, so it could mean you are selected prior to attending these appointments. Should this happen, we will follow the procedure from that clinic and you will attend an appointment for screening.

If you are accepted into our program, the completed application will enter our database. We will then begin circulation of your profile to registered Intended Recipients. At this time, your profile will also be listed as “active” in our secure database. Rest assured that our database is password protected and your identifying information will not be released without prior consents signed.

Step Three
Being selected by a recipient. Once a match is made between a donor and a recipient the donor will receive an email from Little Miracles. Little Miracles will ask you a few questions to ensure you are emotionally ready to embark upon this life enriching experience.

Step Four
Psychological Screening. During this appointment, the psychologist will ask many questions in relation to the entire process to ensure you are mentally ready to proceed with this journey.

Step Five
Evaluation by the Recipient’s Doctor. This appointment will include an ultrasound, blood work and a complete physical. Once you pass all of the screenings and evaluations you will be ready to begin your egg donation cycle.

Step Six
Review the Donor Contract with an attorney. This is to be done prior to starting the egg donation cycle. Once you have been selected, Little Miracles will provide support for you throughout the entire cycle. Please feel free to give our office a call if you have any questions or concerns.


Step Seven
You will begin medications to ready your body for retrieval. This process will be fully explained to you at your screening appointment with the nurses. We look forward to working with you!

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