Dear Potential Donor,

Thank you for considering giving such an amazing gift to someone. It is my pleasure to share this journey with you, as a supportive and caring part of the CSO team.

I believe that through knowledge, and a firm belief in this process, you will help build a family through your amazing gift. I hope to be able to share what I know as a past donor with you, in an attempt to have this journey be as smooth a process as possible.

If you feel like this is something you would like to pursue, please carefully read through the information on your website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. When you are confident you are ready to make this most generous gift, please fill out and submit our online questionnaire. The answers you submit will be stored in our database that is available to intended recipients to peruse when looking for their donor.

As of today, we currently have over 200 Recipients looking for their Angel donor to help them achieve their dream of having a family.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss any questions you may have with the selection process. Our goal is to share this journey with you. We believe that through a trusting, and caring commitment to our donors, you can help build a family



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